Frank Finn Scholarships

More talented business, commerce and finance students are empowered to reach their potential and achieve their
ambitions through a UQ education, setting them up for a brighter future.

In 2021, the Frank Finn Scholarships were awarded to eight students at UQ, including final year Bachelor of Commerce student India


India says your support lifted a significant financial burden from her shoulders – particularly during a difficult year with COVID-19 –

providing her with the security to focus on her passion for numbers and business through her studies at UQ.

“I wish to send a heartfelt thank you to the donors of this award,” India said.

“To me, this award meant freedom: freedom to study and work towards my goals completely free of the stress of balancing full-time

work, living interstate and reduced working hours from COVID-19.

“Overall, your support provided me with a buffer zone to be able to really concentrate on my studies in my final semester without

added financial stress. This enabled me to achieve multiple Dean Honours Awards and a GPA of 7.00, as well as giving me ample time

to pursue being treasurer of UQ Ladies in Technology. Because of this, I was able to obtain an internship with Ernst & Young and was

then offered a graduate job in their consulting division, beginning in 2022.

“Once again, I wish to extend my greatest thanks to donors of this award. It has made a huge impact in my life.”

Thank you for your generous support. For students experiencing the vulnerabilities of financial hardship, scholarships like this offer a

huge relief in ensuring they can make the most of their time at university. As India shared, your gift has had a profound impact in her

life, and she is forever grateful for your support.

Thank you for creating a change reaction in 2021. With your gift, you invest in the dreams and talent of the next generation.