The Law School appreciates that LEAD Scholars are vulnerable and have less-than-optimal support networks or familial encouragement. Notwithstanding, our retention rate in comparison to other hardship scholarship programs at UQ is high due to the various student-support mechanisms in place on a school level. Notwithstanding, a total of eight students have withdrawn from the LEAD Scholars program: 

2017 Cohort 

• One student transferred their enrolment within UQ after one semester to pursue a Bachelor in Business Management. 

• One student withdrew after three semesters due to family interstate relocation. This student later returned to UQ Law and is now being supported through the Roslyn Griffith Scholarship instead. 

2018 Cohort 

• One student transferred their enrolment within UQ after three semesters to pursue a Bachelors of Arts/Education (Secondary). 

2019 Cohort 

• One student withdrew in semester 1 of 2021 due to health concerns and Covid-19-related stressors. We continued to support this student through multiple attempts to make concessions for their study load and alternative assessment pieces. This student unfortunately experienced frequent hospitalisation due to mental health issues and after much consideration, the best decision at the present time for their health was to withdraw from their university studies. 

• One student took a pre-approved 12-month break from study during 2020. They returned in semester 1 of 2021. However, this student continued to struggle with significant mental health issues and due to ongoing hospitalisation, the health advice supported withdrawal from their university studies. 

2020 Cohort 

• One student transferred their enrolment within UQ after one semester to pursue a Bachelors of Mathematics/Education (Secondary). 

2021 Cohort 

• One student suffered ongoing medical issues due to a very challenging home environment involving domestic violence and associated mental health issues and a physical disability. We are continuing to support this student who is attempting a part-time load instead. However, with the uncertainty of their ability to return to full-time study, or to achieve the required minimum GPA, we unfortunately had to suspend their monetary scholarship support. 

• One student transferred to a Bachelor of Advance Business course after one semester to pursue their goals, which more aligned with that degree.